At the core of our practice is the desire to provide and help maintain healthy beautiful smiles for our patients. We believe that our patients should keep their teeth for as long as possible. Healthy teeth and gums allow you to eat a wide range of foods which help you with a balanced and therefore healthier diet. The need to taste and chew food cannot be overestimated. Preventative dental care encompasses dental checkups, professional cleans, fluoride treatment and fissure seals.


The Australian Dental Association recommends dental check-ups twice a year. This allows the dentist to assess your teeth, gums, surrounding tissues and the jaw joints. In most cases, our dentists will take digital photos which allow you to see what they see as they look inside your mouth. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your oral health.

  • Digital dental x-rays may be taken if the dentist is concerned about a particular area(s) in your mouth. In general, these radiographs are taken at your initial assessment and every one to two years depending on your risks to dental diseases. Digital x-rays allow the dentist to check or confirm the presence dental caries and gum disease which they can’t otherwise see. Sometimes a bigger radiograph called a Panoramic x-ray is taken if there are wisdom teeth issues or other dental pathologies.
  • A professional dental clean is performed.
  • If further treatment is required, we will provide personalized treatment options that take into account your lifestyle and expectations.


During your dental check up, the dentist may apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth. They will then request that you don’t rinse, drink or eat for a minimum of 30mins after, in order to maximise the benefits of the fluoride to you.

Fluoride stick to and reacts with teeth to form a strong coating called fluorapitite which strengthens the teeth and helps to protect them from acid attack in dental plaque. If need be, a higher concentration fluoride toothpaste may be recommended for use at home.


These are a thin layer of resin material painted and used to clog up the crevices or grooves on the biting surfaces of the back (molar) teeth. They are recommended in situations where these teeth have deep grooves, making it difficult to keep them sufficiently clean. The crevices trap food and plaque putting the teeth at risk of decay. Fissure sealants help to protect these surfaces from decay.

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