Emergency Dentist in Canberra

If you experience a toothache, have a chipped or broken tooth, knocked out a tooth, you should seek a dental appointment as soon as possible. The same applies if you have lost a filling or a dental crown, have a dental abscess or a swelling.

We offer emergency dental appointments on the day. We will take care of your dental emergency to ensure that you can go back to normal oral function sooner.

Treatment of the damaged teeth will be dependent upon the injury. The tooth may be filled or filed down. A dental crown may be required if the impairment is extensive. An emergency root canal may also be performed. Sometimes, unfortunately, the tooth may require removal and a dental implant or other options for missing teeth will be discussed.

Emergency Dentist in Canberra serving Denman Prospect, Coombs, Wright, Duffy, Weston, Weston Creek, Belconnen, Tuggeranong and the Woden Valley.